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Research Highlights

'Elda Grabocka: Stress-buffering comes in granules' by Lucia Morgado-Palacin;. J Cell Biol 7 February 2022; 221 (2): e202201081. doi:

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'Blind spot found in deadly K-Ras tumors' by Philippa Bourke, Chrysalis, February, 2014.

Media Coverage


'Stress coping mechanisms help mutant KRAS cancer cells resist chemo' by Megan Brooks, Reuters Health, December 21, 2016.

'Coping mechanisms suggest new way to make cancer cells more vulnerable to chemotherapy' by Gregory Williams, NYU Medical Center Press Release, December 2016

'Weakness exposed in most common cancer gene' by David March, NYU Medical Center Press Release”, February, 2014.

'Targeting 'undruggable' cancer mechanism can make chemo more effective' by Emily Mullin, Fierce Biotech Research, February, 2014.


'Making K-Ras cancers druggable', Hematology Times. February, 2014.

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